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Ministers of Kettins Parish Church 1606 - 1949

1.  COLIN CAMPBELL, A.M. - Minister of Kettins 1606-1618. He was one of forty-two brethren who subscribed to Parliament against Episcopacy, 1st July, 1606.

2.  JAMES AUCHINLECK, A.M - Minister of Kettins 1618-1649. Admitted minister of the parish in 1618 but was later accused of defending the doctrine of Universal Grace. He disclaimed the charge and satisfied the General Assembly of his orthodoxy, upon which he was acquitted (1638). He was deposed in 1649.

3.   DAVID PATON - During the Cromwellian Protectorate, when there was a certain amount of depopulation in the parish a certain David Paton, of whom little is known, appears to have been parish minister.

4.  JAMES PATON - 1680-1716. Son of the above minister he was admitted as his father's colleague in 1680. He appears to have been "shaky" in his views and ceased to preach in 1716. A note in the Church Records, dated 11th March 1716, succinctly declares :-"No sermon, the Minister being taken prisoner by order of George Duncan, his cousin, one of the Lieutenants of the shire who advised him not to preach."

5.  JAMES GRAY- Minister at Kinloch, called to be minister of Kettins 17th November 1717; died 17th March 1743. He was buried in the Council House. A memorial tablet appears on the exterior of the West Gable of the church.

6.   JOHN KERR- Probationer of Edinburgh was inducted on 27th January 1744, and translated to Forfar on 16th January 1745.

7.  ROBERT TRAILL - Probationer, ordained Minister of Kettins 22nd January 1746. The people were in a state of rebellion on his arrival and he was not inducted until he promised to hold to the faith. He was held prisoner in the manse upon pain of death for three hours. On August 2, 1749, two hundred and fifty tokens were struck bearing the minister's initials R.T. Some of these can be seen in the Vestry. Traill was translated to Banff and preached his farewell sermon on 4th December 1753.

8.   JOHN HALLYBURTON - Inducted on 7th August 1754 he continued as Minister of Kettins for forty-six years until his death, at the age of seventy-­three, in 1799.

9.    DAVID SYMERS - Ordained minister of Kettins 7th May 1801 and died on 16th July 1842. He was interred in Kettins churchyard.

10.  JOHN ROSS MACDUFF, D.D. - Minister of Kettins from 1842 to 1849.

Translated to St. Madoes 1849, he later received the degree of Doctor of Divinity. He was the author of many works of a devotional nature. While in Kettins he wrote "The Parish of Taxwood," which appeared serially in Life and Work and later in book form. It portrayed Kettins parish and people during his ministry. He died on 30th April 1895 and was buried in Chislehurst.

11.  JOHN TULLOCH, D.D. - Minister of Kettins 1849 -1855. His contributions to literature were many and "ever of a high order." A competitive essay on Theism in 1854 gained for him the second Burnett Prize of £600, and brought him into early celebrity as a theological writer. In 1855 he was appointed Professor of Divinity and Principal of St. Mary's College, St. Andrews, which position he held until his death in February 1886.

12.  JOHN McKENZIE - Minister of Kettins 1855-1868. He is said to have been a preacher with a "golden voice."


13. JAMES FLEMING, M.A. - Minister of Kettins, 1868-1911. In 1872 he received a unanimous call from the Tron Church of Glasgow but did not accept it because of the poor health of his only child. Glasgow University conferred on him the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity. He died in the forty-fifth year of his ministry on 23rd September 1913 and was interred in Kettins Churchyard.

14.  COLIN M. KERR, M.A., Ph.D. - Inducted on 21st July, 19l3, he was translated to St. George's in the Field Glasgow, on 16th May, 1922.

15.  C. N. RUTHERFURD, M.A. - Minister of Kettins from 14th September 1922 to 30th August 1931 and translated to Huntly Parish Church on 3rd September 1931; is now minister of St. Michael's Linlithgow.

16.  ROBERT K. GOODFELLOW, M.A. - Inducted on 3rd March, 1932,  is present Minister of the Parish.